Industry Issues..

This topic seems to come up constantly on LinkedIn and at conferences I attend. The surveying industry in Australia & I dare say most of the world is in a Skills Shortage. The amount of Infrastructure, residential & construction is booming… The problem, we don’t have enough surveyors, technical or registered/licensed to complete the work. On top of that, we have companies under paying staff, undercutting on quotes, cutting corners, making mistakes and working on variations to make their money. This is just the tip of the iceberg….

The question always arises, how can we change this?

From where I sit, I see a lot of whining, blaming, & lack of participation.

I am the queen of controversy. I speak out, make comment, call out the ones, where possible to get them thinking about the conversations that need to be had.

This is not about a select few! The industry as a whole needs to come together. We are a small industry, with a lot of responsibility to our industry & community. We are a profession that is lacking the understanding of how we can band together to make things better.

People are relying on the select few who take the time & fight the fight, be it small or large, while the majority sit back and do nothing.

There are multiple topics in this statement that I will separate moving forward in no particular order than what I feel like discussing on any given day.

  • Skills Shortages
  • The Race to the Bottom
    • Pricing & Quoting
    • Undercutting Issues
  • Pay Discrepancies
  • Education
    • Vocational
    • University
  • Industry Engagement
  • Leadership – Mentoring
  • Business Management

I’m sure over time I will have plenty of other topics to talk about.

If these things interest you, I suggest you have a listen to my podcast at some of the thoughts of our surveyors across Australia & the world…